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1. Where is Manhattan located?
2. I’m moving to Manhattan soon. How do I request a newcomer’s packet?
3. What is the average temperature in Manhattan?
4. Does Manhattan offer air service?
5. I’m a huge K-State Wildcats fan. How do I order tickets?
6. How do I contact Fort Riley?
7. Can you tell me about the local media?
8. What is the population of Manhattan?
9. Is there a number I can call for current road conditions?
10. I brought my dog- where can we go?
11. What higher education institutions are in Manhattan?
12. Where is the nearest lake?
13. Where is the Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce and Convention & Visitors Bureau located?
14. I'm looking for a great movie, where do I go?
15. Where would I find a church listing/place of worship?
16. Can you tell me about the drinking laws in Kansas?
17. What is the current time and temperature in Manhattan?
18. How did Manhattan get the name, The Little Apple®?