Green Apple Bikes

The GAB bike share program is a popular service for Manhattan visitors to provide important transportation around the city. The bikes are 1-speed beach cruisers, and the predominantly white-colored bicycles are found at 9 GAB racks spread around the city. Simply return the GAB to any of the locations, and enjoy your ride.
Green Apple Bike station locations

Biking around Manhattan

Linear Trail ParkManhattan and Kansas State University are both recognized as bronze-level, Bicycle Friendly community and university, respectively, by the League of American Bicyclists. The city features an expanding network of bike lanes, boulevards and trails. This makes for fun, relaxing and exercising rides throughout the city and on the outskirts of Manhattan.
The community annually celebrates bike month each May, with a variety of rides and Little Apple Pedal event.

BIg Blue River Trail

Access point for this mountain bike trail is the U.S. Highway 24-Blue River trailhead off the west bank of the Big Blue River, in the northeast section of Manhattan. Go south on Linear Trail for about 75 yards, and the trail proceeds for 5.5 miles along the river. Packed surface through wooded area with switchbacks, drops, a few jumps and challenging obstacles along the trail.

Fancy Creek State Park

Fancy Creek State Park at Tuttle Creek Lake offers 6 miles of challenging terrain, one of Kansas’ best mountain bike trails.

Hudson Trail

1-mile bike trail on city's western side, near CiCo Park.

Linear Trail

Linear trail will take bikers along picturesque path from the west side's Anneberg Park, back to the city's east side and Northeast Community Park along Knox Lane.

Manhattan bike map
Bicycle information from city of Manhattan
Bicycling Guide from Kansas Cyclist